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Investigation Group of the Scientific and Technological Inno

2019-11-07 10:00:57 admin
On October 31, 2019, Fenghe Rili, according to the arrangement of the three original Science and Technology Bureau, Shaanxi Yuanda New material Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in the examination of 2019 Xianyang City Major Science and Technology Innovation Project expert team, accompanied by the chairman and general manager of Shaanxi Yuanda in the whole process to explain and answer questions, and the experts gave high hopes for the research and development and production project of double-layer magnesium core coating agent core line declared by Shaanxi Yuanda, and demonstrated and affirmed it from different professional angles. Finally, some suggestions and suggestions are put forward for the patient guidance of project implementation and key technology. Finally, Xie made a sincere reply to the questions raised by the expert inspection team, and said: Shaanxi Everbright will adhere to the road of technological innovation and management innovation in a pragmatic spirit, constantly tap its own potential, enhance market competitiveness, constantly create renewal, and higher industry performance.