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Commencement ceremony of Tongchuan new factory

2021-09-30 14:58:54 admin
On 9.24, the long-awaited commencement ceremony of Tongchuan new factory was successfully held. The commencement ceremony was held at the same time with the commencement ceremony of the third batch of projects in Tongchuan City in 2021. Leaders at all levels of Tongchuan municipal government attached great importance to the commencement ceremony-Fan Weibin, secretary of the municipal Party committee, Zhang Jianjun, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Liu Yinsheng, chairman of the municipal CPPCC, deputy secretary of municipal party committee Wei Sixin, Standing Committee of municipal Party committee and deputy mayor in charge of municipal government attended the ceremony. Hao Guangyao, the executive vice mayor, presided over, and Secretary Fan Weibin announced the commencement order. The main responsible comrades of each district and county, the administrative committee of the new district of the city, the administrative committee of the new materials industrial park and the administrative committee of the dongjiahe Circular Economy Industrial Park will report the project situation in turn. At the event site, Mr. Xie geqi, the general manager of our company, delivered a speech and introduced the development plan of Tongchuan new district of our company. All the staff of Yuanda Company attended. The company cooperated closely and cooperated actively to ensure the commencement ceremony went smoothly. The construction of Tongchuan New District has laid a foundation for the future development of Yuanda company and is a new milestone.