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  • The First Initial review Of "integration of two"

    From 2021.11-18, three experts from Guangzhou Saibao Certification Service Co., Ltd. conducted a three-day management system audit of the integration of informatization and industrialization (called integration of two). Leaders at all levels...

    2021-11-23 admin 100

  • Commencement ceremony of Tongchuan new factory

    On 9.24, the long-awaited commencement ceremony of Tongchuan new factory was successfully held. The commencement ceremony was held at the same time with the commencement ceremony of the third batch of projects in Tongchuan City in 2021. Lead...

    2021-09-30 admin 98

  • Supervision and audit of quality management system in 2021

    On September 1, 2021, experts from China Quality Certification Center Lu Liang to Yuanda company to supervise and audit the company's annual quality management system for two days. Experts highly affirmed the company's quality management sys...

    2021-09-03 admin 170

  • Deputy county magistrate of Sanyuan county government, went

    On the morning of August 18th, 2021, He, deputy county magistrate of Sanyuan county government, went deep into the "three guarantees and three promotions" enterprise Shaanxi Yuanda New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect and investigat...

    2021-08-20 admin 137

  • "Integration of two cultures" training

    On July 2, 2021, our company began the training of the certification project of the "integration of two cultures" standard implementation system. The integration of the two is a high-level deep combination of informatization and industriali...

    2021-07-06 admin 167

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