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Alloy Cored Wire Series

Alloy Cored Wire Series name standard(mm) basis (%) weight(g/m) alloy quantity(g/m MgFeSiRE 13 Mg25-30 RE2-3 Si42-4basis 6 Ca2-3 Ba1-3 38515 24510 MgFeSiRE 13 Mg30-35 RE2-3 Si40-44 Ca2-3 Ba1-3 38515 24010 CaSi 13 Ca28-31...


                                 Alloy Cored Wire Series

model brand standard (mm) basis (%) weight(g/m) alloy quantity(g/m)
YDB3030   Ø13 Mg29-31 RE2.5-3.5 Si42-46 Ca2-3 385±15 235±10
YDB2520   Ø13 Mg24-26 RE2-3 Si44-48
410±15 245±10
YDB0507   Ø13 Mg4-6  Ba6-8  Si60-65 Ca0.5-2 420±15 260±10

      注:  1.thickness of the steel belt=0.35-0.40 mm.

            2.The maximum error of the alloy powder weight of the unit length core wire is not more than ±%5.
            3. And various package core wires can be customized according to the user demand component.